About Us

Last Updated: 9/21/2021 7:37 PM

The D91 Education Foundation is committed to supporting our teachers and inspiring our students. We are proud to:

  • Oversee several classroom grant programs to enrich learning
  • Manage several scholarship programs that inspire students to find success beyond high school
  • Hold special events such as the D91 EdFoundation Heart of Idaho Century Ride

Contact us at (208) 525-7504 or edfoundation@sd91.org

Jeanna Nance, Chair

Email: j.nance@bankofidaho.net

Phone: 208-528-3036

Lisa Burtenshaw, Vice Chair

Email: lisaburtenshaw91@gmail.com

Phone: 208-681-5392

Catherine Smith

Email: cath.a.smith@icloud.com

Phone: 208-520-4941

John Johnson, Treasurer

Email:  jejohnson@cableone.net 

Phone: 208-523-7406

Lara Hill, Past Chair

Email: lhill@idahofallsarts.org

Phone: TBA

Roger Mayes

Email: mayesroger@gmail.com

Phone: 208-520-1243

Kelsie Kirkham

Email: kkirkham@parsonsbehle.com

Phone: 208-528-5234 or 208-313-3444

Kris Smith

Email: krissmith@cableone.net

Phone: 208-351-8405

Dr. Jim Shank

Email: shanjame@sd91.org

Phone: 208-525-7500

Margaret Wimborne, 

Executive Director

Email: wimbmarg@sd91.org

Phone: 208-525-7504

Mistty Frost, 

Communications Assistant

Email: frosmist@sd91.org

Phone: 208-524-7818