NISE STEM Micro-Certificate Online Courses

NISE Micro Certificate and online courses are a new type of professional development opportunity designed to meet the needs of 21st-century teachers. Just three-hours long and $39 per course, each 5E-based online module can be completed from the comfort of your home at any time. Choose from a variety of STEM best practice courses that match your needs in the classroom. Take two courses to earn verified micro certificates while cultivating your STEM teaching craft, growing as a STEM leader, and working toward earning the National Certificate for STEM Teaching.

Earn 3 hours of professional development credit through NNU by registering for the NISE STEM Micro Certificate Courses class.  Please send proof of Micro Certificates to Todd Brown to demonstrate course requirement completion.

Online Courses                                    Micro Certificate        

Always Time for Science                                                  STEMscopes
Maximizing STEMscopes NGSS Curriculum
Understanding NGSS

Argumentation                                                                  Scientific
Claim-Evidence-Reasoning                                              Argumentation

Cooperative Learning                                                       Scientific
Project Based Learning                                                    Collaboration

Engineering Solutions                                                      Scientific
Technology Integration                                                     Innovation

5E Instructional Model                                                     Scientific
Scientific Investigation                                                      Inquiry

Reading in STEM                                                              Scientific
Writing in STEM                                                                Literacy

Questioning Strategies                                                    Scientific
Addressing Student Misconceptions                                Thinking

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