STEM: Full STEAM Ahead

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Throughout this STEM/STEAM professional development, you will be learning about a variety of topics that make up the this educational field. Throughout the course, we will be looking for real-world applications that lead to college and career readiness, which are key areas of need for schools and classrooms. The key focus of these sessions is on building content knowledge and instructional strategies to support teachers who engage students in STEM/STEAM instruction. Some focus areas will include STEM/STEAM Careers, Project-Based learning, Coding, and Makerspaces. Educational Goals: Be able to identify the difference between STEM, STEAM, and STREAM, be able to explain the steps of Design Thinking and how it applies to the STEM/STEAM classroom, and be able to plan a STEM/STEAM lesson. The learning bbjectives for the course are: to learn the difference between STEM, STEAM, and STREAM, learn about STEAM Careers and Community Partners, learn about Coding basics, learn about Makerspaces, and create a STEM/STEAM lesson plan to implement.  Course fee: $99

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